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Video 1 – Transcript

Hi everyone, after reaching a thousand subscribers yesterday I thought I would go out to the pub for a drink with my friend after work. Since the chip shop was right next door to the pub, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show you some of Scotland’s chippy delights. Not all chip shops sell the same thing, but in this video you’ll see a lot of common things that you’ll usually find in chip shops in Scotland. 

Here we have:

  • Pizza crunch
  • Mince pie
  • Chicken
  • Steak pie
  • Haggis
  • King rib
  • Smoked sausage
  • Black pudding sausage
  • Battered hamburger
  • Battered sausage
  • And battered fish

Some other things that you would normally find would be fritters and fried pizza, as well as some other things depending on the chip shop. 

Something that I normally order in the chip shop is chips, cheese and curry sauce. If you’re not too keen on fish fried in batter, you can order a special fish, which is a fish with breadcrumbs. 

As you can see here I ordered a quarter pizza crunch. In Scotland, if you want something with chips you would call that a supper. So this is a quarter pizza crunch supper. 

A pizza crunch is a deep fat fried pizza covered in batter. I normally get curry sauce and dip it into the curry sauce. If I get a fish supper I also get curry sauce with that and pour it over the top. A lot of people think this is disgusting but I love it. 

Some other things that you might want to try while in Scotland would be deep fat fried chocolate. This is a deep fat fried Mars Bar. Depending on what chip shop you’re in, they sell different chocolate, and you can get deep fat fried anything. This is a deep fat fried Creme Egg.

Obviously none of this food is very healthy, and if you don’t like fried food this is obviously not the thing for you. Just remember that some places in Glasgow call a chip shop a chippy.