Thomas Flower is a writer, English tutor and qualified primary teacher who can usually be found doing his thing in either Glasgow or the Lothians. Thomas was born in Edinburgh and lived in East Lothian as a child. He has previously worked teaching English both in this country and in China, which led to an interest in and passion for language learning of all sorts. He has recently worked on a weekly storytelling podcast, as well as writing a novel. For more about Thomas check out his personal website.

Elly Darrah is a self-employed Japanese tutor, translator and proofreader/editor based in Edinburgh. Born in Edinburgh, Elly lived in both Midlothian and East Lothian as a child, later going on to study Japanese at the University of Edinburgh. Like Thomas, they have previously taught English in China, and are a general languages and linguistics enthusiast whose experience as a learner forms a big part of their motivation in being part of Speaking Scottish.

Since the idea for Speaking Scottish was born back in 2019, Thomas and Elly have been working to create the website you see today. When not messaging each other about the project, they enjoy chatting nonsense about Japanese reality TV shows, reminiscing over two decades of friendship and creating endless hyper-specific WhatsApp groups.

We are always looking for contributions from other people to improve and expand our Learning Resources. In particular, we are keen to talk to people from outside the Edinburgh and Lothian areas.

If you would like to get involved in any way, please feel free to get in touch.