Speaking Scottish is a volunteer-run project, with our “Voices” being a key part of this.

If you become a Voice, audio recordings you submit to us will become part of our learning materials, like this:

Speaker: Robert – lives in Lanarkshire, age group 55-64

These recordings are a key part of our learning content, giving learners access to real life examples of language as it is spoken in Scotland.

Where do I start?

If you’re keen to get involved, scroll down to see our Recordings Masterlist. This is a collection of all the words, phrase and conversations we need recordings of.

Do I need to record the whole list?

Not at all! You can pick and choose what you’d like to record, and there’s no minimum on how much you need to record.

What if there are words/spellings I don’t use?

As a rule, we’d recommend you choose words/phrases that feel natural to you, i.e. things you’d comfortably use with friends or family.

You might notice some different spellings of words (e.g. youse/yis, guid/gid) when checking the list. This is mostly for the benefit of learners, and isn’t meant to necessarily represent different pronunciations, so again, just go with what feels natural.

Do I need special recording equipment?

No, we’re happy with phone recordings and so on – as long as the audio is clear enough.

How do I record/send the clips?

Where possible, please record the words/phrases one at a time then send them to us as MP3 or WAV files via email (speakingscottish[at]gmail.com).

When sending the files, please – if you are comfortable doing so – include the following info:

  • Your name
  • Age (we will assign an age range)
  • Your current location (e.g. Inverness)
  • Places you have lived for a significant period that has influenced your accent (e.g. grew up in Glasgow, lived in Aberdeen for 5 years)

These details help our learners to recognise different kinds of speech and accent from all over Scotland, but are entirely optional to provide. Please note we may at times prioritise audio clips for which we have this info.

Thanks for all your help. We greatly appreciate your support, and we’re sure our learners will too!

Recordings Masterlist

The following words, phrases and conversations are those that we need recordings of.

Top Priority

Word & Phrases


Please be sure to record these with the appropriate number of speakers (i.e. two speakers if you see A and B, but three if there is A, B and C).

Conversation 1

A: You alright?

B: Yeah thanks, you?

A: Aye, I’m alright

Conversation 2

A: How’s you?

B: Aye, no bad, how’s yourself?

A: Nae too bad either, thanks

Conversation 3

A: Hey, it’s been weeks, how’ve you been keeping?

B: Aye, no too bad, can’t complain. Yourself?

A: Aye, I’ve been doing pretty good too ta

Conversation 4

A: Hey, how’s yourself?

B: Aye ta, nae bad. You?

A: Aye, I’ve been alright

Conversation 5

A: Hey man, what’s the craic?

B: No much, been a boring few days. You?

A: Aye, same

Conversation 6

A: Is it windy out today?

B: Aye, it is, aye

A: Alright, nae bother

Conversation 7

A: Did ye see ma gloves?

B: Naw, I didnae, how?

A: I’m just wanting to find them

Conversation 8

A: Do you like ma new earrings?

B: Aye, they’re nice, but a bit wee

A: Ken aye, but they’re bonnie, no?

Conversation 9

A: What’s the weather like th’day?

B: Not great. It’s a wee bit dreich oot.

Conversation 10

A: Are yous listening to me?

B: Aye

C: Aye, on ye go

Conversation 11

A: Were folk out last night?

B: Aye, a few folk were.

A: Nice. Hope youse had a gid time

Conversation 12

A: How’s the new bairn getting on?

B: Aye, not so bad, and your wee wean?

A: He’s a handful, but a’m coping

Conversation 13

A: How did youse get to the hospital?
B: By bus

Conversation 14

A: Gonnae tidy your room

B: How?

A: It’s a guddle, that’s how!

Conversation 15

A: That’s a lovely new dress

B: Aww ta, yer looking good yerself

A: Cheers pal!

Conversation 16

A: Are ye wanting some fid?

B: Naw ta, I dinnae

A: Nae worries

Conversation 17

A: I cannae see the sign

B: Ye cannae? Ah’ll read it then

A: Cheers mate!

Conversation 18

A: How’s it looking out there?

B: It’s awfy dreich to be honest.

Conversation 19

A: Aw man, it’s proper drookit th’day.

B: A’ll no be going tae the shops just now then!

Conversation 20

A: There’s a right haar hanging aboot toon th’day.

B: Gie it a few hours and it’ll burn aff.

Conversation 21

A: It’s fair jeelit oot.

B: Is it aye? Best wrap up then!

Conversation 22

A: It’s a pure belter of a day like!

B: Aye, a fair scorcher for sure.

Conversation 23

A: That’s quite the wind oot there.

B: Aye, reckon we might have another Hurricane Bawbag coming oor way.

Conversation 24

A: It’s a pish day th’day, nae doubt.

B: Aye, proper shite!

Conversation 25

A: It’s fair pishing it doon oot there!

B: Is it aye? Thought you were looking a wee bit wet!

Conversation 26

A: Whit a day! It’s taps aff for sure.

B: Oh aye, I willnae be needing ma t-shirt.

Conversation 27

A: The Highlands were crawling with beasties last time ah went!

B: Ooh, that gives me the boke! Cannae stand them personally.

Conversation 28

A: Look at aw the coos!

B: Ken, cute as!

Conversation 29

A: There’s hunners of craws ootside the morn.

B: Is that right? Ah wonder whit they’re up tae.

Conversation 30

A: Heard youse got a new dug.

B: Aye, on the weekend. Wanna see him?

Conversation 31

A: Does yer farm have Highland Coos?

B: Naw, ah wish!

Conversation 32

A: How wis the park yesterday?

B: Nice aye, but full a midgies.

Conversation 33

A: Eek! There’s a muckle big moose running roon the flair!

B: Dinnae fret pet, I’ll catch it.

Conversation 34

A: A saw a wildcat when a was on holiday up north.

B: Nae way! You couldnae have.

A: Swear down!

Conversation 35

A: Whit a cute wee scotty dug!

B: Aww, cheers, he’s just a wee yin.

Conversation 36

A: Here, is that a Shetland pony?

B: Dinnae ken, but a think so, aye.

Conversation 37

A: I’m away to the chippy. You want anything? 

B: Aye, a battered sausage and a can of juice, ta.   

Conversation 38

A: I’m gagging for a bit a sauce. 

B: Really? Cannae stand it myself.

Conversation 39

A: Fancy a haggis supper tonight? 

B: Aye, go on then!   

Conversation 40

A: I cannae decide what to get…   

B: Meby a munchy box then? 

Conversation 41

A: Neeps the night is it?

B: Aye, just got a bag of ‘em pure cheap.

Conversation 42

A: I’m proper starving. 

B: Aye, me too. Shall we get some scran in?

Conversation 43

A: Ye just cannae beat a square sausage, eh?

B: Aye, for sure!

Conversation 44

A: Fancy a wee bit of supper before bed?

B: Nah, I’m still stuffed from tea!

Conversation 45

A: One onion rings to go, ta.

B: Wid ye like it as a supper?

A: Aye, go on.

B: Nae bother, that’ll be £5.50.

Conversation 46

A: Are ye wanting tatties th’night?

B: Aye, go on then!

Conversation 47

A: Here, do youse include tattie scones in the all day breakfast?

B: Course! Who wouldnae?!

Conversation 48

A: Wanna have tea together the morrow?

B: Aye! Wait, are you meaning dinner or lunch?!

Conversation 49

A: Jeezo, it’s proper baltic!       

B: Ken! And no even winter yet. 

Conversation 50

A: It’s blowing a gale oot there th’day!

B: Oh, I’ll take a jaiket then.

Conversation 51

A: It’s gey cauld oot the morning.

B: Aye, glad I’m aw wrapped up!

Conversation 52

A: It’s gey cauld oot the morning.

B: Aye, glad I’m aw wrapped up!

Also Needed