If you enjoy podcasts, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is plenty of Scottish content out there to explore!

This is just the beginning of what we have to recommend. If you have any ideas for things which should be added to this page, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.


A podcast about people and how they talk, Accentricity is written, produced and presented by Dr Sadie Ryan. An excellent bit of listening for anyone curious to hear more about the linguistic background of how different people speak in Scotland. Also recommended if you’re interested in interviews with people in Scotland, including with Glasgow locals.

BBC Scotland Podcasts

From news to sport to radio dramas, BBC Scotland has a huge variety of listening to choose from. You can also listen live to BBC Scotland through the BBC Sounds app (on Google Play/the App Store) or, of course, the old-fashioned way via a radio.

Bridge the Atlantic

If you’re looking for a podcast with Scottish voices but don’t quite feel ready to jump in at the deep end, this may be a good choice for you!

Bridge the Atlantic, a light-hearted podcast focusing on the creative industries, is hosted by singer/songwriter Marcio Novelli (Toronto, Canada) and web designer Ross Barber-Smith (Glasgow, Scotland). Tune in for interviews and chat with all sorts of guests including musicians, filmmakers, actors, artists and other creative professionals.

Generally Spooky

Scotland’s history is full of spooky stories, ghoulish goings-on and magical mysteries.

Join Highlander husband-and-wife team, Kieran and Eilidh, as they dive into the myths and legends of their homeland once a week.

If you love learning about history, like settling in to listen to a good story, or just enjoy getting a little spooked, then Generally Spooky is the podcast for you.

The Official Scotland Podcast

One for football fans! Have a listen to the one and only Official Scotland Podcast to access interviews, previews and reviews from the Scotland National Football Team.

Oor Wee Podcast

Oor Wee Podcast is a podcast aimed at young listeners, celebrating Scots langauge through the art of storytelling and haivering (chatting). All content is original work created by the hosts, Susi Briggs and Alan McClure.


Podcart is a Glasgow-based music blog and podcast introducing music not only from Scotland, but around the world. If you’re looking for some new tunes to enjoy, why not check out their blog here?

Radio nan Gàidheal

The BBC also has a Scottish Gaelic channel, Radio nan Gàidheal, with podcasts including those aimed at learners. Just like with BBC Scotland, you can also tune in via the BBC Sounds app (on Google Play/the App Store) or over the radio.

Refugee Voices Scotland

Refugee Voices Scotland is a podcast that aims to make a difference to public attitudes to refugees in Scotland and the UK, supporting them to feel safe, secure, and able to integrate further into Scottish communities and community groups. Check out this podcast to hear refugees who have come to Scotland tell their stories.

Scotland – A Scottish History Podcast

A storytelling podcast all about Scottish history, Scotland – A Scottish History Podcast is one for those curious to learn more about the places, people and events that have shaped Scotland over the years.

A Scottish Podcast

A Scottish Podcast is a serialised modern audio drama following the story of Lee, a former radio DJ who starts a paranormal investigation podcast. In his pursuit of success, Lee travels all over Scotland with his musician pal Dougie, searching for Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea. A good listen for those looking for an adventure with some scary parts, but also plenty of jokes!

Scots Radio

Scots Radio is just what it sounds like: radio in Scots! In their own words…

“Scots Radio is a programme that spiks aboot the culture and the ongyans o fowk fa use Scots in their wirkin warl.”

Looking for an English translation? They have one on their homepage.

In addition to the Scots spoken on the podcast, you can also read Scots all over the website, including in the descriptions of each episode.


Scran is, in its own words, a “podcast that champions Scottish food and drink”. Join food and drink writer Rosalind Erskine as she invites various guests and experts to introduce and explore what’s going on in the world of Scottish scran – as well as drinks, including, of course, whisky.

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

Radio DJ and TV presenter Edith Bowman presents this music-centred podcast, talking to a variety of film directors, actors, producers and composers about the music that inspired them and how they use music in their films. Soundtracking with Edith Bowman is a good choice if you enjoy a bit of chat with music mixed in.

Talk Gin Podcast

Talk Gin does what it says on the tin. If you’re a fan of gin, listen in to find out more about the latest developments in the world of this popular drink, with guest interviews and plenty of interesting chat from hosts James Sutherland and Sean Murphy.

TalkMusic Podcast w/ Scott Cowie

Join Scott Cowie, self-declared “greatest musician that ever lived”, to hear about everything and anything to do with the world of music. TalkMusic Podcast w/ Scott Cowie features interviews with different guests from the music world, with conversations about – you guessed it – music, but also occasional tangents into other interesting topics.

Wild for Scotland

Wild for Scotland is a travel storytelling podcast for Scotland-loving adults. Through immersive storytelling and awe-inspiring travel stories, the podcast whisks listeners away to the far corners of Scotland, inspiring them to visit or simply dream away from their living room. Using first-person narration, detailed visual descriptions and immersive sound effects, it feels almost as if you’re there.

Word Up!

Word Up! is a BBC Scotland show which highlights interesting people and projects from across Scotland, introducing the listener to the diversity of the nation we share. If you’re keen to find out about interesting people doing cool things, or just want to hear voices you may not encounter elsewere in Scottish media, then this podcast is for you.