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Keen to help out with Speaking Scottish? Then we’ve got just the thing for you! As we continue to update and improve our materials, we are looking to include recordings from Scottish people to give learners a flavour of accents from around the country. Below we’ve compiled a list of dialogues we’d like to get recordings of in order to supplement our materials.

If you’d like to get involved simply record one or more of the words, phrases or conversations below. You can record it all in one take or submit lots of small audio clips together. We don’t require super high quality – phone recordings are fine as long as they are clear enough.

To submit your audio, pick one of the following options:

  • Email your audio file(s) (MP3 or WAV) to as an MP3 or WAV file
  • Send us your recordings as voice notes via WhatsApp (07761 715043)

If you’d be comfortable doing so, please share the following info when sending your recording:

  • Your name
  • Age (approximate is fine – we will assign an age range)
  • Location

These details help our learners to recognise different kinds of speech and accent from all over Scotland, but are entirely optional to provide. Please note we may at times prioritise audio clips for which we have this info.

Thanks for all your help. We greatly appreciate your support, and we’re sure our learners will too!


Please be sure to record these with the appropriate number of speakers (i.e. two speakers if you see A and B, but three if there is A, B and C).

Conversation 1

A: You alright?

B: Yeah thanks, you?

A: Aye, I’m alright

Conversation 2

A: How’s you?

B: Aye, no bad, how’s yourself?

A: Nae too bad either, thanks

Conversation 3

A: Hey, it’s been weeks, how’ve you been keeping?

B: Aye, no too bad, can’t complain. Yourself?

A: Aye, I’ve been doing pretty good too ta

Conversation 4

A: Hey, how’s yourself?

B: Aye ta, nae bad. You?

A: Aye, I’ve been alright

Conversation 5

A: Hey man, what’s the craic?

B: No much, been a boring few days. You?

A: Aye, same

Conversation 6

A: Is it windy out today?

B: Aye, it is, aye

A: Alright, nae bother

Conversation 7

A: Did ye see ma gloves?

B: Naw, I didnae, how?

A: I’m just wanting to find them

Conversation 8

A: Do you like ma new earrings?

B: Aye, they’re nice, but a bit wee

A: Ken aye, but they’re bonnie, no?

Conversation 9

A: What’s the weather like th’day?

B: Not great. It’s a wee bit dreich oot.

Conversation 10

A: Are yous listening to me?

B: Aye

C: Aye, on ye go

Conversation 11

A: Were folk out last night?

B: Aye, a few folk were.

A: Nice. Hope youse had a gid time

Conversation 12

A: How’s the new bairn getting on?

B: Aye, not so bad, and your wee wean?

A: He’s a handful, but a’m coping

Conversation 13

A: How did youse get to the hospital?
B: By bus

Conversation 14

A: Gonnae tidy your room

B: How?

A: It’s a guddle, that’s how!

Conversation 15

A: That’s a lovely new dress

B: Aww ta, yer looking good yerself

A: Cheers pal!

Conversation 16

A: Are ye wanting some fid?

B: Naw ta, I dinnae

A: Nae worries

Conversation 17

A: I cannae see the sign

B: Ye cannae? Ah’ll read it then

A: Cheers mate!