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Keen to help out with Speaking Scottish? Then we’ve got just the thing for you! As we continue to update and improve our materials, we are looking to include recordings from Scottish people to give learners a flavour of accents from around the country. Below we’ve compiled a list of words we’d love to have people record this week.

If you’d like to get involved simply record one or more of the words, phrases or conversations below and send it to, or find us on WhatsApp on 07761 715043, where you can send us voice messages of your recordings also.

We’d also love if you could include your first name, location and age when sending your recordings to us. This is so that learners can get a little information on the clips they’re listening to, to help them recognise differences in speech and accent. It is not necessary to include this information if you feel uncomfortable doing so, but we will prioritise recordings where we have some information about the speaker.

Thanks for all your help. We greatly appreciate your support, and we’re sure our learners will too!




Please be sure to record these with the appropriate number of speakers (one for A, one for B, one for C etc). We’d appreciate if you could give us the name, location and age for all speakers involved when sending recordings of concersations.

A: You alright?

B: Yeah thanks, you?

A: Aye, I’m alright

A: How’s you?

B: Aye, no bad, how’s yourself?

A: Nae too bad either, thanks

A: Hey, it’s been weeks, how’ve you been keeping?

B: Aye, no too bad, can’t complain. Yourself?

A: Aye, I’ve been doing pretty good too ta