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It’s been a wee while since our last newsletter, but we’re back!

New Content

Whilst things have been somewhat quiet on the content front of late, we do have a couple of new tidbits to share:

Annika shared some great stories from her 15 or so years in Scotland. Possibly our favourite was:

I remember a slightly confusing conversation with a Glaswegian guy who reckoned if I went out partying with the islanders, I would need a “new lover”! What he really said was “liver”.

If you or anyone you know would like to write a similar post (we provide the questions!), just let us know.

Site Audio

We’re really grateful to have received some beautiful new recordings for the site. Unfortunately we’ve not got round to uploading them yet, but we’re aiming to do so in the coming weeks. Thank you again to those who have sent audio in!

Volunteer with Us

We have updated our info for those interested in volunteering or becoming a “Voice” of Speaking Scottish. check out the details here:

Open Meeting Archive

If you haven’t managed to make it along to one of our recent Open Meetings, remember you can check out our Public Archive, which contains the slides and notes from the meeting. That’s it for now. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

Elly & Thomas